Gerard Butler Festina

Festina Always Fits with Gerard Butler

The watchmaking firm Festina consolidates its bond with its already ambassador Gerard Butler, renewing its collaboration with him for three more years after the excellent reception of the brand's previous campaign shot in Hollywood, in which the Scottish actor shared his passion for life since different aspects of their daily life. His international profile, professionalism and talent make him once again the perfect candidate to embody the values of the brand.

On this occasion, the Festina Always Fits campaign presents a Gerard Butler in his most seductive and spontaneous side, skillfully combining humor, charisma and elegance. The three pieces that compose it, united by a subtle common thread, highlight the versatility of both Festina watches and their famous ambassador, both capable of adapting to any situation and circumstance without losing an iota of style and character that characterizes them. Festina will give us the opportunity to see the actor in different situations, always showing off his natural irony and self-confidence, even being able to see him dance to the most unexpected rhythms.


The filming of the different spots that make up the campaign took place in a very relaxed atmosphere under the direction of the director Albert Uria and in such picturesque locations as the La Ricarda estate, an emblem of rationalist architecture located a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea. . Marcel Hartmann, whose target stars such as Kate Winslet and Monica Belucci have posed and who is regularly in charge of covering the Cannes Film Festival, has also participated in this production as a photographer for the graphic campaign. We also highlight the participation in the project of the make-up artist Allyson Carey, who has two Emmys to her credit.

Festina Always Fits